Reviews of Triune Brain

“Triune Brain, Triune Mind, Triune Worldview” by Dr Bill Klemm is an excellent treatise about the intersection of neuroscience, religion and the mental state. The presentation is easy to read and understand.

There is a discussion of Augustine’s concept of choice, free will and the tug of war between good and evil. Many scholars can’t quite grasp the notion of free will but without its existence – there could be no sin or punishment scenario.

Free will presents a definitive choice which the deity itself does not interfere with on any basis. There is much discussion as to whether or not modernity marginalizes religion. Taken as a whole, it doesn’t because religion is a way of life. The 10 Commandments, although religious doctrine, could be simple rules of conduct enunciated in present day civil and criminal codes. i.e. Thou shalt not kill… Who can argue with that as a commandment or way of living life?
If anything, the existence of religion supports our governance and not the converse.

The question of the afterlife has been the subject of much speculation. There are physical occurrences like the appearance of golden orbs at death attested to by nurse practitioners and others who’ve witnessed these unexplained phenomena. Noah’s Ark has been discovered and the contents have been measured and verified with a stunning accuracy attested to in the Bible itself. Scientists have traced blood stains from beneath Golgatha Hill to the Ark of the Covenant below with the stains unmatched to the human chromosome count. So, does science authenticate our beliefs – you tell me! Overall, “Triune Brain, Triune Mind, Triune Worldview” by Dr Bill Klemm is an important work which intersects religion, science and the mind.

Reviewed by Dr. Joseph S. Maresca

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