Purchaser Reviews of Better Grades, Less Effort

Purchaser Reviews of Better Grades, Less Effort

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Review by: Alex Lopez on Nov. 15, 2012 :
Surprised at how well it captures the readers emotions and manages to keep the reader interested in the book. Keeping in thought that you’re usually reading this book to improve your focus and concentration this book manages to keep you entertained and several of the teaching methods including the pictures make this a gem to any student or worker.

Recommended, this book is worth more than 0.99 and is priceless.
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Review by: Sharon A. Mitchell on March 20, 2012 :
Excellent book! Dr. Klemm’s style is reading, lively and interesting throughout. While other reviewers have recommended this book for college and high school students, I’d add teachers to the list. If educators knew more about these strategies, they could help their students acquire the skills to raise their grades without as much extra effort as they might think. Also, Dr. Klemm’s book puts into plain language the current research into brain-based learning that educators are trying to put into practice.

This book will not only help students, but adults in their workplace as they try to keep pace with advancements in their field.
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Review by: Mitch on June 07, 2011 :
Excellent Book, for the motivated learner of any age. The information provided gives a clear rationale for why people in the US need to move past the mythology of ‘talent’ and move toward effort/practice/strategic learning to excell.

I used similar methods to good effect, but this e-book consolidates what took me years to discover through studying psychology, neuroscience, biology…too bad I didn’t get to read this before my college career, rather than at the end of it. Thanks for the excellent resource and making it interesting and understandable–rather than some of the other info I have read that often comes off as gimmicky and does not present and research data to help validate it.
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Review by: Gregg Young on Dec. 30, 2010 :
“Better Grades, Less Effort” is a concise and compelling read. It is one that every high school and college student should read and apply. Dr. Klemm writes in a very readable style, covers each point clearly, includes examples, and includes the relevant research that supports his recommendations. It is information I wish I had known when I was in school, and it is still valuable 40 years later.

I highly recommend this book to every student about to start college. It is the perfect graduation gift for any high school senior because the techniques it teaches will help readers learn more effectively in whatever environment they choose next, school or the workplace.

This is a 5-star book.

Gregg Young
Author, “Reasoning Backwards: Sherlock Holmes’ Guide to Effective Problem Solving”
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Rod Harrington on Nov. 28, 2010 :
I’ve read a number of books on memory and its improvement. I’ve been impressed by the authors’ feats and accomplishments. Now here’s another one, different from the others. Better Grades, Less Effort is not mainly about techniques to memorize a list or a speech (although help for that is here, too)–it’s about the science underlying good memory techniques: what works and why.

In compact form, the author points learners to what research has discovered are memory’s best practices. After a class, when is the best time to review material? How effective is cramming in an all-nighter? How long should I study at a time? Should I multi-task or should I focus?

Valuable help is given about the piles of reading a student has to assimilate. How can I deal with it most effectively? How can I organize my time and my life to learn what I’m expected to learn? What are the secrets of learning reams of facts? (A lot of help is offered here.) When I’m writing an exam and I know I know the answer–it’s on the tip of my tongue–what can I do to access it?

The book is organized under twenty valuable tips. This is the cutting-edge of the science of memory for the person who is focussed on learning. The final words of the book: STUDY HARD, BUT STUDY SMART.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Health Colonel Publishing on Nov. 18, 2010 :
– Easy – This Really Works – Great for Students and Adults —

These are very simple memory techniques that anyone can use. The author, Dr. Klemm, gave me in his book, Better Grades, Less Effort, all that I needed to start applying his memory techniques. Easy to understand examples, case studies and stories make this book an enjoyable read while improving on an important skill that we all can use at work, at home or in school. The author makes a point to prove that even the elderly can benefit greatly from his memory techniques. By the way, it’s also a great way to impress friends and your boss!
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