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Dr. Bill, “Memory Medic”

If your memory is ill, Dr. Bill is your pill.

The Learning Skills Cycle. A Way to Rethink Education Reform, New York: Rowman & Littlefield.

This book’s ideas demonstrate how students are not adequately taught the learning skills necessary for superior academic achievement. This book teaches those skills and frames them as interacting in a mutually reinforcing cycle wherein each component benefits from preceding components and benefits its successors.

Better Grades, Less Effort

20 key principles for improving memory capability. A “must read” for students, trainees, professionals.

E-book, available in all formats for only $2.99 from Also available at Amazon in Kindle format.

Learn more. See front matter and sample chapter and read the fantastic reviews


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Memory Power 101

Comprehensive applications of learning and memory research.  Used by students, rainees, professionals, and the elderly. 298 pages, only $14.95.

Available through all bookstores, Amazon, and Skyhorse

Audio version available at Amazon (listen to sample)


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Improve Your Memory for a Healthy Brain. Memory Is the Canary in Your Brain’s Coal Mine

An e-book that explains that improving your memory can delay and may even prevent age-induced mental decline. Think of memory training as a form of preventive maintenance of your brain.

Authoritative, well researched and documented, this book provides in-depth explanations on topics such as brain aging, relationships of memory with other brain functions, how to reduce absent-mindedness, the diseases of aging, and diet and supplements that do and do not help memory.

Released in all e-formats by on Nov. 27, 2014.                                           Get it here.

Other Books

NEW Triune Brain, Triune Mind, Triune Worldview.

Are you concerned, conflicted, and confused about your life’s meaning and purpose? This book explores a trinity of perspectives, based on the intimate interface of a Triune Brain (reptile, mammalian, and primate brain), the Triune Mind (conscious, subconscious, nonconscious), and a Triune Worldview, (mental health, neuroscience, and religion). This book will encourage and help you think and feel anew in a mentally healthy way in pursuit of wholeness, fulfillment, and happiness.

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Cover Endorsements:

“An outstanding book! A wonderful tour showing the interaction of the brain and religion. The book has a unique emphasis showing how neuroscience can enrich our understanding of the road map by which we travel on our existential journey of self-examination, personal growth , mental health, and, yes, even religious beliefs. Essential and important reading for anyone interested in the brain/religion relationship.”

Andrew Newberg, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Professor of Radiology, Thomas Jefferson University, Author of Neurotheology: How Science Can Enlighten Us About Spirituality..

“This stimulating, provocative, and enlightening book gives a very positive view of the relation of neuroscience to religion and the need for a revitalized approach to religious thought.”

Keith Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus, Oxford University, Author of Religion in the Modern World

“There is a gap when it comes to good resources on the intersectionality of neuroscience and religion. But there is an even greater chasm of books on the interrelatedness of neuroscience, religion and mental health. Dr. Klemm fills that gap effectively with his excellent book Triune Brain, Triune Mind, Triune Worldview. By opening up this important conversation, the author challenges the reader to recognize the dynamic interrelationship between our amazing brain, our beliefs and our mental health if we are to live a truly fulfilled and happy life.”

Kathy Winings, EdD, Professor of Religious Education, Unification Theological Seminary,  President, Religious Education Association

Reviews: Dr. Joseph Maresca, posted on Amazon,


Mental Biology. The New Science of How Brain and Mind Relate

A modern explanation of how brains work, create consciousness, promote sleep and dreaming, and produce agency.

Released by Prometheus and Random House on April 8, 2014.                                                                Get it here


“intellectual power, discerning intellectual vision, an intellectually expansive repository, immensely intellectually refreshing, substantive cynosure, wide-sweeping ken, much erudition and thoughtfulness, sharp blade of Klemm’s piercing acumen, equipped with a very powerful intellectual camera.” Leo Uzych

“One cannot intelligently discuss the issues of conscious thought without including this book as part of the conversation … challenging and thought provoking, valuable insight that is often ignored”  Donald Galbreath, Ph.D.

“This is a thought-provoking and an engaging and largely jargon-free book that makes us realise that, while we can see literally billions of light years to distant galaxies or elucidate much of the co-evolution of light and planet again over eons, the one exploration we are barely beginning is taking place here and now with the study of our own minds. How frustrating, yet intriguing, is that?” Jonathan Cowie

“What sets this book apart from others is that the answer he infers provides a framework to allow us to consider how our minds are built and perhaps how they actually work.The book is essentially a guide to help us understand ourselves.  And it does this with forethought and insight.  The book is smoothly written with a keen sense of wit and understanding.”  D. Wayne Dworsky

This book will be of interest not only to neuroscientists engaged in the debate about free will but also anyone interested in the science of self-improvement, personal responsibility, and the development of a sense of self. Rebecca Gotlieb

Amazon has five more reviews, all four-star

Good Reads has ten more reviews


Making a Scientific Case for Conscious Agency and Free Will

Many scientists say consciousness is only an “observer” that cannot do anything. Likewise, free will is an illusion. This scholarly book challenges such a view and goes on to suggest research that can test the hypothesis that free will can emerge from materialistic brain processes.

Released in Feb. 2016 by Academic Press.       Get it here.

Atoms of Mind

Authoritative and comprehensive explanation of the brain’s three minds, non-conscious, subconscious, and conscious. Features analysis of free will and new theories for consciousness and why humans dream.

Introductory Video Clip Publisher’s page Available from Springer International

An e-book copy can be obtained free via participating libraries or a paperback version is available for $24.95.

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Core Ideas in Neuroscience

A One-of a Kind Introductory E-book

A summary of 75 core ideas in module format. Ideal for students and professionals who want to be informed by neuroscience but not overwhelmed by it.

This is no “Cliff Notes” version, but a real textbook. Over 330 standard-print pages, with well-organized and hyperlinked modules. 

Why pay $150 for a neuroscience textbook when you can get all you probably need for $6.95. All formats available from Smashwords (see first sections free). Kindle version at Amazon. has it and they accept foreign currency (go to and search on W. R. Klemm)

Learn More (+ sample chapters)

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Blame Game. How To Win It

Simple 5-step process to move yourself from denial and deception to deliverance.

Endorsed by “Dr. Laura,” Rev. Robert Schuler, and many others.available at bookstores and Amazon for $14.95 and e-book version in all formats from        Learn More

Blame Game blog


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‘Dillos. Roadkill on Extinction Highway? 

A fun book on the evolution, anatomy and physiology, medical research, pop culture. the future of armadillos.

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