About Me, the Author

What motivates me to write?

I like to write because it gives me the chance to share what I have learned and think. And I surely love to learn lots of different things. For me, writing is not hard work. It is a labor of love.

Who Is my ideal Reader?

I seek readers who want to learn, especially readers are need to solve a personal problem or want new ways to think things through.

What is in my writing that readers might not find elsewhere?

Much of my writing is based on peer-reviewed scholarly reports. But I don’t want my writing to be scholarly. I try to make it interesting and practical. I try to write in the style urged by famous newsman, Paul Harvey: “shirtsleeve English.”

What would be the biggest compliment a reader could offer about one of my articles or books?

I want what I write to be helpful. Thus, the response that means the most to me is for readers to indicate that I helped them.

What themes connect all the articles or books I’ve written or want to write?

All of my writing, thus far at least, is nonfiction. It involves a variety of themes, such as biology, neuroscience, mental health, learning and memory, and lately, even religion.

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