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Newspaper release on Dr. Klemm and his book:

General news about armadillos:

On-line stores for armadillo items:

Lead hazard in Mexican armadillo curios. The U.S. Consumer Protection Agency has recalled 5000 carved wooden armadillos imported from Mexico because they contain excess levels of lead in the paint.

Summaries of armadillo trivia, from an Austin, Tx site:

Tips on controlling armadillos that disturb gardens and flower beds:

Armadillo control/removal:

Biological information on all twenty recognized species of armadillo. There are pictures for many species, and a small number of video clips.

Review of different species of armadillos, with pictures, see:

Scientific paper on food habits of four species:

Scientific paper on evolution of armadillos. Provocative new theory

Charango: a mandolin-type of instrument, popular in South America, made from armadillo shell. A German who has spent many years in Bolivia ells me he thinks armadillos are nearly extinct in Bolivia. He has never seen one there. Despite recent government bans, natives continue to kill armadillos to make their native musical instrument. They may also hunt them for food.

Here are some links on the instrument:

Charango – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The charango is a small South American stringed instrument of the lute family, about 66 cm long, traditionally made with the shell of the back of an

Charangos – The South American Super Ukulele!

Charangos – The South American Super Ukulele!: chords, strumming and picking, stringed instruments, rhythm playing.

The Charango: Small South American Lute

History and Tuning of the Charango, a small lute from South America.


Charango – The small lute of the Andes.  The charango is a small Andean lute that was traditionally made from the body of an armadillo.

Weird new instrument – The Charango guitar – The Something Awful 

Sabino, the luthier, showed me an armadillo carapace that he used to build charangos with. However, it’s no more legal to killarmadillos for charangos – 38k

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